Volunteer Opportunities

There's always much to do to help fellow sisters! Each of us have different talents and gifts to lend to the group. We hope to match your talent with the right task. Please tell us a little bit about yourself below. If there is something specific you would like to help with, please identify it in the following form, or give a more detailed description under "other".


We are currently looking for folks to help with Membership Recruitment and Coordination. We also would like folks to submit content for the Newsletter...perhaps something important is happening in your Local, in Politics around your area, you'd like to contribute concerning issues of overall importance to women, health & safety, family matters and tools? Practically any subject can affect Women@Work

Or maybe you have a talent for organizing folks in your area around issues, campaigns or work to be done. If so, we can use your help! Everyday, we see new attacks on the labor movement. It's gonna take a lot of "soldiers" to fight back!

Thank you so much for lending your voice and your strengths to LWC!