We've heard so many folks say "I don't do politics." We understand the frustration with elected officials, especially those who promise you the moon, but deliver nothing when elected. Sisters, you either do politics, or politics will do you! Look below for ways you can become active and involved.

One of the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS you can do as  LiUNA! member is to register and vote in elections. If you are not yet registered, hit the link above to register today!
The AFL-CIO wants to know what you have in mind for a legislative agenda for 2015. Take this short survey to have your voice heard!
Volunteer in your Local or your Labor Council to help elect candidates who care about Working Families!
Your Local Union and your Central Labor Council (AFL-CIO) have a list of endorsed candidates in Statewide and National races. Make it your business to become familiar with those names, and cast your vote this Fall. Make sure your family and friends go to the polls to vote. Knock on doors, help with phone-banking, leafleting and direct mail. Stand up, step up and SPEAK OUT!
Who are my elected officials?

Click on the link below to find your representatives