About LiUNA! Women's Caucus


Our mission is to promote, foster and nurture all rights of working people including equal opportunities, while celebrating the rich diversity of the LiUNA! membership.

Our Goals:

  • To recognize and raise the profile that women have historically held in LiUNA!.

  • Sustain women and other minorities within LiUNA!'s membership and increase their involvement in every aspect of their union, i.e. political action, apprenticeship and training and membership activism.

  • Assist local unions and district councils in reaching their market share goals by organizing women.

  • Promote educational programs at LiUNA! functions to assist affiliate leadership in representing a changing membership that includes more women, immigrants and minorities.



Officers elected at the LWC's Annual Membership Meeting in 2019:

Chair: Cassandra Hammond

Co-Chair: Carol James

Secretary: Nicole Hayes

Treasurer: Diane Lewis


We are located in every region LiUNA! serves. Check below to find your Steering Committee Representative.

Great Lakes Region

Carol James- carolj1092@att.com

Nikki Hayes- nikki434@sbcglobal.net

Phillis Holiday- phillis@local1092.org

Northwest Region


Kim Rickard- kimr@montanalaborers.com

Diane Lewis- diane@utahlaborers.com

Michelle Helmholz- michelle@laborerslocal440.com

Eastern Region


Terri Goodman- tag4lerof@aol.com

Oona Adams- laborlass@yahoo.com

Christine Cullpepper- culpepperchristine@yahoo.com

New England Region


Robin Coia- rmelfi@nellmct.com

Pacific Southwest Region

Kristie Purdy- kpurdy@sierracollege.edu

Amber Novey- anovey@liuna.org

Theresa Foglio- laborers261@gmail.com

OVSS Region

Jamie Peers- jpeers55@att.net

Donna Mitchell- dmitchell@ovssr.org

Mid-Atlantic Region

Diane Parker- dcparker@msn.com

Victoria Leonard- vleonard@maliuna.org

Midwest Region

Cassie Hammond- cassie107@coxinet.net

Mary Davidson- marylocal1095@yahoo.com